Episode 7 of 14

The candidates are summoned to Here East in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London for their briefing by Lord Sugar, who arrives not in his usual limo but in a type of driverless vehicle known as a POD.

The candidates learn that they must gear up to design, brand and pitch their own electric driverless POD. They will also be meeting with a major corporate client that is looking to lease driverless vehicles. The team that makes the biggest overall profit will drive away with the win.

One team hit a bump in the road from the beginning when the overall concept of their POD means that getting into gear is a struggle. On the other team, a misjudged meeting with their corporate client causes problems.

In the boardroom, Lord Sugar is driven to distraction, leading him to hit the brakes as one candidate is told, ‘You’re fired!’

4 months left to watch