Our Mission

Technology to Transform Farming

Agriculture Needs to Transform

When feeding a growing population, sustainably is the biggest challenge we face.

As the global population continues to rise to an estimated 9.7 billion by 2025, the amount of available cropping land declines, we must find a way to produce more food in a sustainable manner.

Since the third agricultural revolution of chemical inputs and mechanisation, crop yield potential has remained consistent. Whilst the introduction of these new technologies and products brought an increase in achievable crop yields, they also came at a great financial cost to the grower and the natural environment.

90% of post-emergence herbicides are overused

High input costs and waste

Global NUE as low as 33%

Synthetic fertiliser produces 2.6 gigatons of CO 2 per year

The time for the Forth Agricultural Revolution is now. Utilising Autonomy, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, EVIE Autonomous is delivering technology to allow growers to unlock the next step change in agricultural production; feeding the world sustainably.

Crop Sensing

The Future of Digital Agronomy


Control System

Autonomy for Increased Efficiency