Smart Cities

The Foundations of the Evolutionary Movement of People Using Autonomy

Preparing for the Future

The Evie Autonomous Shuttle utilises Evie Technology, offering a new advancement towards Smart Cities, where vehicles can communicate with each other and with the surrounding infrastructure, such as traffic lights and road signs, coordinating their movements to avoid congestion, improve collision, safety, and air quality.

The implementation of autonomous, electric shuttles and cars for pedestrians, autonomous road-sweepers to keep the city clean, autonomous police ‘pods’ to regulate crime, including a potential knife drop-off box inside the pod, light rail MPT autonomous transport, as well as improved, autonomous port-side, air-side and logistics operations would make a number of significant differences to a city.

First, it would make the city more efficient and sustainable. Autonomous vehicles would be able to navigate traffic more efficiently than human drivers, and they would not produce emissions. This would lead to reduced traffic congestion and improved air quality. Second, it would make the city safer. Autonomous vehicles would be less likely to be involved in accidents than human-driven vehicles. They would also be able to monitor the environment for potential threats, such as crime or terrorism. Third, it would make the city more livable. Autonomous vehicles would provide a more convenient and accessible form of transportation for pedestrians. They would also help to reduce noise pollution and improve the overall quality of life in the city.

Overall, the implementation of public rapid transit would make a significant positive impact on cities. They would make cities more efficient, sustainable, safe, and livable.


Smart City Police Pod
Smart City Solar Panel Bus Pod and Road Sweeper

In the city or on a private site, the Evie autonomous shuttle conceived by Evie, is an intelligent, innovative, effective and clean mobility solution. The Evie Shuttle delivers autonomous transport performance, as well as a comfortable trip.

Available from 4-seater to 36-seater configurations operating in both open and closed environments, powered by our proven reliable autonomous stack with certified safety systems.

An ideal platform for the movement of people in off-highway environments such as conference centres, airports, and attractions.
Designed for simple integration into future smart city environments.

Preparing for the Future

The Benefits of Smart Cities

Autonomous vehicles can communicate with each other and with infrastructure, such as traffic lights and road signs, to coordinate their movements and avoid congestion, this in turn improves air quality as autonomous vehicles can be programmed to drive in a more fuel-efficient manner, which can lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.

Sensors and software equipped in our vehicles can help them avoid accidents. This can lead to a significant reduction in accidents, injuries, and fatalities, and also provide transportation to people who are unable to drive, such as the elderly, the disabled, and children.

The development and deployment of autonomous vehicles will create new economic opportunities in the manufacturing, technology, and transportation sectors.

The Technicalities

Our autonomous vehicles are equipped with a variety of sensors, such as cameras, Evie’s 4D AI Radar, and many more vital sensors that help them to perceive their surroundings. These sensors are used to generate a 3D model of the environment, which is used to plan and execute safe and efficient movements.

Evie’s sophisticated software is used to control the vehicle’s movement, as well as to interact with other vehicles and pedestrians. This software is constantly being updated to improve the performance of the vehicle. Communication with each other and with infrastructure is also key, such as with traffic lights and road signs. This communication is essential for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous Vehicle Technicalities

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