Control System

Autonomy for increased efficiency

Unlock the potential of your equipment by enabling Level 4 autonomy with EVIE’s full autonomy upgrade technology.

EVIE enables autonomy for agricultural equipment to improve safety, and productive and efficient operation for the grower.

Autonomy has enabled an 85% reduction of operational costs for agronomic tractors, and an autonomous aid platform has increased operational efficiency by 20-30%

Productive and efficient farm operations for the next generation of growers. Our retrofittable autonomous technology and fleet management system allows you to safely increase the efficiency and profitability of your farm business.

How it Works

Innovations to make your technology fully autonomous…

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI-powered image processing technology enables highly accurate and efficient object classification.

HD Cameras

HD cameras provide 360 degree vision to see objects in the field and triangulate distance.

Choose Autonomy

Electric autonomy bids farewell to billowing clouds of black exhaust filling the atmosphere, morning wake ups to find that meticulously planted seeds have been dug up by marauding rabbits and mice, and floods sweeping through the fields ruining yield planted a year prior.

4D Radar

Evie’s 4D Radar vision allows vehicles to perceive their environment using radio waves. This can be beneficial in challenging weather conditions such as rain, snow, or fog, where visual-based sensors like cameras or LiDAR may be limited.

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