Crop Sensing

The Future of Digital Agronomy

Optimise crop production with field scale data at the individual plant level, unlocking unparalleled insights for a new level of crop yield potential.

Developed for
Farmers, by Farmers;

EVIE has created an industry-leading computer vision system to provide a digital “Per-Plant” understanding of your entire field.

• Green on green AI capability
• Industry-leading resolution cameras (leaf level analysis)
• Real time processing for faster insights
• Expert agricultural AI models
• High speed capability
• Field scale coverage (**kph speed)
• Infield action, data mapping
• Lighting for 24/7 operation
• Retrofittable to any piece of infield equipment
• Low cost (suitable for all growers)

Weed Control

Unrivalled real time plant detection capabilities for both grass and broadleaf weeds in cereal crops.

Broad Acre Crop Detection

Detection of both grass and broadleaf weeds at growth stages where infield action can be taken to control populations in a targeted method, reducing the amount of chemical inputs without negatively impacting yield.
Detect and locate the weeds in your field, saving 90% of your contact herbicides.

12 grass weeds per
square meter can have
a 5% reduction in yield

Grass weeds in cereal crops are not only hard to detect but have a hugely detrimental effect on yield. Blackgrass alone sets the UK economy back £400 million and 800,000 tons of lost wheat yield per year.

12 grass weeds per square meter can have a 5% reduction in yield. Take back control of your grass weed population in season and save yield losses through targeted spraying, ONLY available with our advanced product offering.

Understand your plant’s
needs, and fuel them to
their maximum potential.

Early Stage Corn
Plant Detection

Improve the nitrogen use efficiency of your crops with “Per-Plant” data. Understand your crop density at the “Per-Plant” level across the entire field to create highly accurate nutrient prescriptions, increasing the efficiency and profitability of crop production.

“Per-Plant” Detection

Unlock Your Crop Potential with Intelligent Croup Scouting

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