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EVIE Autonomous is a real, electric, fully autonomous platform solution that can change the world.

We create electric, autonomous vehicles intended to improve daily life for everyone.

Our technology is affordable, adaptive, environmentally friendly, and we demand accessibility in every step of design.


Our Pods have been showcased, tested and trialled in the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site – Lake District National Park, University West of England, Filton Airfield, Australia, Germany, Birmingham, Manchester, Dubai, Canada, and South Korea.

Autonomous Kilometres

Passengers Driven

We are proud that our Pods have been successfully trialled in the Royal Borough of Greenwich (O2 Arena), Lake District National Park, Heathrow Airport, Beijing (China), Olympic Park (London), Manchester Airport, Birmingham Airport, Grand Central (Birmingham), Cribbs Causeway, Stockport Train Station (Manchester), and Bristol City Centre. 

They have saved on average 50,000 tons of carbon each year at London Heathrow Terminal 5, eliminated over 20,000 bus journeys each year, cut down airport travel 6x, and this is all possible thanks to our Pure Electric and Hybrid Form, on-board live emissions monitoring system, ability to remote control pods or have them fully autonomous, 24hr operation, and collision avoidance technology, along with so many more features.

 We have officially completed over 5.5 million Kilometres of commercial service and carried over 3 million commercial paying passengers with our Pods, 100% Designed and Manufactured in the UK – under European Small Series Type Approval (ESSTA) Processes and IVA Compliancy.


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