Our History

EVIE Autonomous is a UK-based, globally recognised autonomous technology company. We are a company that is constantly adapting, evolving and developing our innovations to ensure that we are one step ahead.

EVIE 2.0 continues to push limits and break the boundaries in every sense, combating new industries and fresh ideas daily. but we will always remember our roots and how every success and equally every failure has led us to what we have and continue to achieve.

EVIE Autonomous was formed from the ashes of the Westfield AVS Pod project. We have always been behind the scenes, providing the advanced technologies behind the new and progressive autonomous shuttle scheme. Naturally, we picked up the pieces and forged something new like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

That being said, we can never forget the past and what our predecessors achieved, therefore to keep our pod’s memories alive, we would like to share some of the highlights.

Below our gallery visits some of the biggest projects Westfield embarked on.

The team at Evie also look forward to making many more memories to share with you, if you want to be a part of them, simply enquire here.

Autonomous Kilometers Driven

Passengers Driven

Previously on EVIE…

Our original parent company Aim Technologies provided the later-generation electronics for the Westfield PODs and supported them on several PRT projects globally. When Westfield Technologies Group went into administration it made considerable sense for Aim to buy the platform based on us owning the complete autonomous hardware & software suite and controlling all of the electrical control IP. The acquisition was completed in October 2022 and included all trademarks, intellectual property, stock, and assets of the Westfield Technologies Group AVS business, now re-branded as Evie Autonomous and held in a fresh new company, EVIE AUTONOMOUS LTD. Faced with unexpected demand, Evie has decided to revise the design to enable scaled-up production and dramatically reduce the unit cost.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

EVIE 1.0

EVIE 1.0 Pod with People Inside
EVIE 1.0 Shuttle Visits the Office
EVIE 1.0 Shuttle
EVIE Autonomous South Korea Networking Event
EVIE 1.0 Shuttle Doors Open
Inside EVIE 1.0 Shuttle

Lake District

Lake District Westfield Pod Behind
Lake District Westfield Pod Close
Lake District Westfield Pod

Capri Project

Capri Pod Westfield AVS
Capri Pod Westfield AVS Driving
Capri Pod Westfield AVS Sideview

Leeds University

Leeds University Westfield AVS Shuttle on Campus
Leeds University Westfield AVS Shuttle on Campus
Leeds University Westfield AVS Shuttle Sideview


ConCar Pod Westfield AVS Shuttle Sideview
ConCar Pod Westfield AVS Shuttle
ConCar Pod Westfield AVS Shuttle In Field

AXA Project

AXA Project Pod Westfield AVS Shuttle in London
AXA Project Pod Westfield AVS Shuttle in London
AXA Project Pod Westfield AVS Shuttle