Stoke-on-Trent, Nov 2nd, 2022: Cavonix, an experienced developer of proven autonomous technologies for off-highway vehicles has been approached by EVIE Autonomous to provide the underlying technologies that enable the Electric Autonomous Pods to self-drive and self-operate.

Carl Owen, CTO of Cavonix commented, “Our ‘Lift & Shift’ autonomous platform has been successfully deployed on tractors, airport buses, transport pods, and off-road vehicles that have been rigorously tested in harsh environments. This order cements our position as a leading provider of autonomous capabilities in the UK.”

Steven Lake of EVIE Autonomous commented, “We acquired Westfield AVS from the administrator, and we aim to see the pods operational at various sites globally, as the demand is significant. Reliability and affordability are crucial, these pods must work safely and provide a high-quality experience. The team at Cavonix have the proven sensor and autonomous controller technology that allows us to meet demand with the confidence of a world leading product.”


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