EVIE Technology

Evie Autonomous have built an affordable, adaptable solution that is ready now, for the transport of people and goods

Focusing around our own EV vehicle platform that operate in controlled environments, at EVIE we try to develop technology that provides solutions for any application, helping companies to become more efficient and increase safety, maximise productivity, overall saving time and money. Above all, our technology works and is a vital piece of any businesses plan to thrive.

Our Sensors


Real-time RADAR data detects hundreds of objects in and
calculates their relative velocities to foresee potential collisions way in advance.

HD Camera

High resolution cameras complete the picture. We use these in conjunction
with AI algorithms to classify nearby objects and predict their movements.

Ai Evie Sensor

Artificial Intelligence

AI algorithms are able to classify nearby objects and predict their movements.

The EVIE Pods use a fusion of sensors to provide a fully safe experience, using real-time HD video with Radar, multi point and directional Lidar and artificial intelligence processing to detect objects and obstructions around the vehicle at all times.

EVIE Autonomous vehicles are able to react to the world around them and make decisions within their controlled parameters to adjust their course, slow down, accelerate or stop based upon what is around them or taking place nearby.

Power Distribution Module

EVIE Pods are designed and built with state of the art Power Distribution Modules (PDM), Body ECUs custom harnesses and all feature serviceable Remote Connections to allow software updates, diagnostics, calibration and error log downloads. Built to meet all safety standards, with full redundancy and SSL certified equipment makes the operators experience unchallenged.

Our 24-volt drive train and 12-volt electrical system design allows for comprehensive electrical power distribution, hydraulic control, HVAC control and cab controls. These innovative solutions ensure increased reliability and safety, combined with reduced installation complexity, weight saving and increased efficiency.

Fleet Management

Our Fleet Management Software will transform the way you manage your fleet by organising, managing wirelessly and coordinating the pods  movements to ensure an essential, smooth operation. Using our FMS will help reduce costs; it improves efficiency The easy-to-operate system can announce news or information to passengers.

Thoroughly monitoring the location and status of all vehicles, control and communication is through a two-way radio link and via 5G allowing you to modify vehicle routing and operate parameters in real-time. This also provides First Person View (FPV) remote control which allows an operator to take control of a vehicle if intervention is required.

Using our software package the operator is able to build the routes as point to point or as circular routes that can be re-driven all day long. Originally developed for airside and airport operations our software routes can include junctions and multiple stops along the path, were as  the Point 2 Point mode uses a path between two locations that can be traversed in either direction, just once, multiple times or continuously back and forth.

The FMS system can be used for both passenger or logistical supply vehicles moving equipment or materials to and from a depot.


Hail a Ride

EVIE also have a ride hailing phone app that allows you to stop a vehicle at the nearest point to your location.