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EVIE Shuttle

EVIE Shuttle is a Level 5 Autonomous, unique transport solution designed with advanced technology; comfortable and robust

Cargo Pod_Side V3.2_Compressed

EVIE Cargo

EVIE Cargo is designed to create an efficient experience in airports, whether it is used for human transport or cargo.


EVIE Delivery

EVIE Delivery is a clean technology that can transport and deliver necessities without the harmful pollutants and

Sweeper Pod_Side V3.2_Compressed

EVIE Sweep

EVIE Sweep is exclusively designed for road sweeping purposes. It is an affordable solution to combat the costly

What We Do

EVIE Autonomous is a real, electric, fully autonomous platform solution to change the world.

At Evie Autonomous, we want to work with you, we offer a universally controllable EV platform, for first mile last mile delivery, people transportation, cargo transport, machine operations such as sweeping or security area watch to name just a few.

The EVIE project has been in our teams’ minds for a long time, we had been creating and implementing the electronic control systems for many other 3rd party companies behind the scenes, and felt this was the perfect opportunity to have our own end to end solution.

Working with our sister companies we already have fully autonomous pods ready for deployment, available for real world operation environments, demonstrations and events, and we are looking for partners we can grow with.

If you are a company that would like to discuss options of working with us, or a company looking to explore the autonomous market, there is no better or affordable option. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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