EVIE Street is a fully autonomous, unique transport solution designed with advanced technology; comfortable and robust, our EVIE Pod is guaranteed to bring you haste and efficiency no matter your distance or location.
EVIE Street has been approved for airport transport, stadium travel, any event large or small, indoor or outdoor, and practically any other use cases.
The possible use cases for EVIE Street are endless, and with our level of autonomy, we are able to provide demonstrations and supervised events – including our rent-a-pod system allowing you to hire our pods, to any level of autonomy (whether you want the engine or the chassis, you pick your own specifications).

Technical Specifications:

Braking System
  • Drive motor regenerative braking
  • Fail safe electromagnetic ‘hold off’ motor brake
  • Fail safe electromagnetic ‘hold off’ rear wheel brakes
  • Safety interlocks between brakes, motor and doors
Interior and passenger controls
  • Interior panels vacuum-formed from grey, grained ABS
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Enhanced experience for deaf, hard of hearing, blind and partially sighted (currently under development)
  • Front and rear facing main seats and two side mounted flip down seats providing flexible accommodation for 4 -6 adults
  • Illuminating door/control switches
  • Two-way communications between passengers and control team
  • Internal and externally releasable emergency exit (locked while vehicle in motion)
  • Passenger information LCD screens
  • Internal lighting sufficient for reading
  • Vehicle signs/symbols and information labels
  • Non-slip, easy-clean floor covering or luxury carpeting available
  • Cabin heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Cabin smoke detector and emergency fire extinguisher
Chassis, suspension and steering systems
  • Fabricated aluminium ‘ladder frame’ lower chassis with structural aluminium honeycomb floor and bulkhead panels
  • Separate front and rear aluminium fabricated sub-frames with mountings for suspension, steering, motor/transmission and batteries
  • Bumper structure designed to progressively absorb impact energy
  • Welded steel tubular upper frame to support exterior and interior bodywork, side doors and front/rear hatches
  • Double wishbone suspension front and rear using predominantly aluminium machined wishbones, coil over damper units and standard automotive joints, bearings and bushes
  • Rack and pinion steering gear, operated by automotive electric power steering unit
  • 13” Wheels with automotive tubeless radial (135x70R13) tyres
Exterior body, doors and glazing
  • Body panels constructed in self-coloured ABS with high gloss acrylic capping, GRP or carbon fibre
  • Exterior panels bonded to vehicle structure
  • Twin leaf plug and slide doors
  • Doors actuated by DC motors through reduction gearbox and locking linkage system
  • Microprocessor controlled door operation
  • Vacuum-formed acrylic ‘quarter window’ glazing, available in varying levels of tint to suit your requirements
  • External vehicle operating and warning lights and programable sound generator
Control and guidance
  • Autonomous guidance, navigation and control unit using a combination of sensors for navigation
  • Condition and performance monitoring of vehicle components and systems
  • Automatic Vehicle Protection System to prevent collision between vehicles and infrastructure
  • Wireless communication system for 2-way data, passenger communication and command exchange between vehicle and system central control
  • Fleet Management System (FMS) available if required

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