We Create Electric, Autonomous Vehicles Integrated Everywhere to Improve Daily Life for Everyone.

EVIE Origins

EVIE Autonomous is a real, electric, fully autonomous platform solution that can change the world.

At EVIE Autonomous, we want to work with you. We offer a universally controllable EV platform, for first-mile last-mile delivery, people transportation, cargo transport, and machine operations such as sweeping or security area watch to name just a few.

The EVIE project has been in our teams’ minds for a long time, we had been creating and implementing the electronic control systems for many 3rd party companies behind the scenes and felt this was the perfect opportunity to have our own end-to-end solution.

Working with our sister companies we already have fully autonomous pods ready for deployment, available for real-world operation environments, demonstrations and events, and we are looking for partners we can grow with.

If you are a company that would like to discuss options of working with us, or a company looking to explore the autonomous market, there is no better and affordable option. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

About EVIE

EVIE was founded to assist in the transformation from low level autonomy to safer, cleaner fully autonomous transportation.


Working in closed environments, EVIE drives forward in the autonomous world providing driverless pods to airports, functions, stadiums, and roadside with fleet management enabled. Everything under one autonomous umbrella, just jump aboard and enjoy the ride.


Our autonomous journey began 5 years ago in the R&D sector, producing low-cost complete systems and now is the time to progress to the full package, mile by self-driving mile




Sustainability has always been very important to us and continues to be a huge factor in our future plans, in addition to our EVIE pods, we have identified a considerable opportunity to help construction, mining and farming become more efficient by providing vehicles that can perform operations without the need for human operators. This extends operating hours, productivity, and profitability. Human labour can in turn be redirected to perform other tasks. Worldwide, we face a range of challenges in regard to skilled operators, fuel, and cost pressures, especially in these sectors. We believe that we are on the cusp of a step change in industry which will be driven by autonomy, robotics and AI and EVIE will be at the forefront of this.

Our approach to autonomous vehicles was no different to anything we have faced before, we identified the areas where we could make the biggest differences. We then went about implementing them without distraction to achieve something completely new and innovative. In order to gain the complete, necessary understanding of what worked and what didn’t, and also to ensure seamless integration, we decided to create as many of the components as possible, working alongside our parent company. Whilst taking more time initially, we reaped the rewards time and again throughout the process resulting in a fully autonomous end-to-end solution. Teamed with our EVIE pods, we have created the perfect driverless transport solution.

Our Global Reach

Meet our ceo

steve greyscale.png
Steven Lake is the Founder and CEO of Aim Technologies Group, a world leading business in design, development and innovation.

As an innovator in an ever-growing collection of industry sectors including Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Rail, Motorsport, Safety, Pyrolysis, Agricultural Technology, Military, STEM, Medical Insight and Autonomous Vehicles, Steven Lake has never feigned his passion to advance humankind and contribute all he can to the worldwide gordian knot of finite energy resources, poverty, ill-education and shortage of jobs.